Use of “Wait”. Short Sentences//Daily Use English Spoken Sentences.

  Positive & Negative Sentences.

1. Wait for me. ꓥꓪ ꓔꓯ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,=(ꓥꓪ ꓐꓱ ꓶ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,=)
2. Don’t wait for me. ꓥꓪ ꓔꓯ ꓕꓽ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,=
3. Wait for them. ꓬꓲ ꓪ ꓔꓯ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,=
4. Don’t wait for them. ꓬꓲ ꓪ ꓔꓯ ꓕꓽ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,=
5. Wait for us. ꓥꓪ ꓠꓴꓽ ꓔꓯ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,=
6. Don’t wait for us. ꓥꓪ ꓠꓴꓽ ꓔꓯ ꓕꓽ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,=
7. Wait for her. ꓟꓶꓼ/ ꓬꓲ ꓔꓯ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,=
8. Don’t wait for her. ꓟꓶꓼ/ ꓬꓲ ꓔꓯ ꓕꓽ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,=
9. Wait for him. ꓤ/ ꓬꓲ ꓔꓯ  ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,=
10. Don’t wait for him. ꓤ/ ꓬꓲ ꓔꓯ ꓕꓽ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,=
11. I am waiting/I’m waiting. ꓥꓪ ꓠꓬ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ= 
12. I am not waiting/I’m not waiting. ꓥꓪ ꓠꓬ ꓟꓽ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ=
13. They are waiting/They’re waiting. ꓬꓲ ꓪ ꓠꓬ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ=
14. They  are not waitning/They aren’t waiting. ꓬꓲ ꓪ ꓠꓬ ꓟꓽ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ=
15. We are waiting/We’re waiting. ꓥꓪ ꓠꓴꓽ ꓠꓬ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ=(ꓣꓳ ꓠꓬ)
16. We are not waiting/We aren’t waiting. ꓥꓪ ꓠꓴꓽ ꓠꓬ ꓟꓽ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ=(ꓣꓳ ꓠꓬ)
17. She is waiting/She’s waiting. ꓟꓶꓼ/ ꓬꓲ ꓠꓬ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ=
18. She is not waiting/She isn’t waiting. ꓟꓶꓼ/ ꓬꓲ ꓠꓬ ꓟꓽ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ=
19. He is waiting/He’s waiting. ꓤ/ ꓬꓲ ꓠꓬ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ=
20.He is not waiting/He isn’t waiting. ꓤ/ ꓬꓲ ꓠꓬ ꓟꓽ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ=
21. You are waiting/You’re waiting. ꓠꓴ ꓠꓬ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ=
22. You are not waiting/You aren’t waiting, ꓠꓴ ꓠꓬ ꓟꓽ ꓡꓳ. ꓔꓬ,_ꓡꓳ=
ꓡꓯ ꓫꓵ ꓢꓳ ꓣꓴ ꓬꓰ ꓡꓯ=

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