Sir Pema Khandu visits Vijaynagar (SheeDi in Yobin so called Lisu)

Sir Pema Khandu visits Vijaynagar (SheeDi), where Yobin also known as Lisu have suffered for long due to isolation, lack of development and proper road communications. (the picture and notes are taken from facebook posts of Pema Khandu and Avia Fisher. sweet Memory.)

Pema Khandu writes, “They have lived in abject poverty for decades owing to lack of road. Yet their love for the country hasn’t been deterred. I will make sure road to prosperity and development reaches them. Yobin students sing ‘Hum sab Bharatiya he’ during my tour of Vijaynagar area in Changlang district.” students sing link

Avia Fisher writes on the visit of HCM Pema Sir,
“We’re so glad that HCM Pema Sir took the trouble to visit remote Yobin Villages, both ridding & thrudging the 157 kms.
So sad that he had to walk some muddy patches, including a 15km stretch.
So glad that he empathized with the people’s plight once.
So sad that MV Road is yet to complete after all these decades.
So glad that Guv Mishraji is taking on this road on war footing.
Vijoynagar Circle is the most ‘forsaken’ Circle after NEFA days!
Expect to pay 7-8000/- for a bag of cement!
Expect to die on the road with no medical attention!
Expect to walk for 10 days (up and down) for a birth Certificate!
Expect to see nil 10th result for consecutive years!
Don’t expect to see even a clerk for the past 20 years!!!
Thank you daring and kind CM Pemaji for walking along with us.
Only those who visit our villages and walk in our shoes can understand our frustrations, agitations, desperations, and aspirations.
It’s time to give back to Yonins the long due dignity.
In and thru it all, the people continues to ‘thrive’ with grace showered from heaven above- a green leaf in a long political and economic draught!
Enigmatic! A dessert flower!
Thank you Governor B.D. Mishraji
Thank you CM Pemaji
Thank you RWD Minister Ngandamji
&Thank you local Minister Mossangji
& Thank you to all the well-wishers.
– a ngwazah.
On Marh 28, 2021.

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