ꓲ‐Dꓲ‐ꓬ ꓡꓲ‐ꓢꓴ ꓫꓵꓽ ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓮ ꓜꓴ ꓬ, ꓬꓳ, ꓦꓲ., ꓔꓯ ꓮ ꓔꓳ ꓛꓴ ꓗꓶ_ꓟ=

12 ꓦ 11 ꓠꓬꓲ 2020.

   India ꓮ ꓜꓴ ꓬ ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓣꓳ ꓡꓲ‐ꓢꓴ ꓫꓵꓽ ꓔꓬ, ꓟꓵꓽ ꓗꓪ 200 ꓦꓲ.,(Ex Assam Refles Settlers) ꓔꓯ 30 ꓞꓲ ꓘꓳꓼ ꓐꓱ ꓶ (1967 ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ 1971) ꓗꓪ ꓛꓲ Cꓵ ꓗꓶ ꓩꓴ ꓢꓲ ꓠꓬꓲ‐. ꓣꓳ ꓡꓲ‐ꓢꓴ ꓫꓵꓽ ꓔꓬ, ꓟꓵꓽ ꓗꓪ 30 ꓘꓳꓼ ꓐꓱ ꓶ ꓔꓬ, ꓝꓲ_ꓟ ꓥ ꓡꓳ= ꓮ ꓟꓶ ꓠꓬ ꓣꓳ ꓡꓲ‐ꓢꓴ ꓫꓵꓽ ꓟꓵꓽ ꓔꓯ ꓬꓲ ꓪ ꓟꓵꓽ ꓥ ꓡꓳ‐. ꓐꓰ ꓐꓯ ꓔꓬ, ꓝꓮꓲ ꓣꓳ ꓡꓲ‐ꓢꓴ ꓫꓵꓽ ꓟꓵꓽ ꓛꓲ ꓔꓲ ꓙꓵꓽ ꓪ (Panchayati Raj Rights) ꓔꓯ ꓬꓲ ꓪ ꓣꓱ ꓔꓬ, ꓠꓬꓲ ꓲ‐Dꓲ‐ꓬ ꓗꓪ ꓔꓬ,_ꓟ ꓡꓲ‐ꓢꓴ ꓫꓵꓽ ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓮ ꓜꓴ ꓬꓼ ꓔꓯ ꓙꓵꓽ ꓪ Panchayati Raj Rights (Cꓲ ꓛꓬ ꓔꓱ Cꓲ ꓛꓬ ꓙꓵꓽ ꓠ, ꓟ ꓙꓵꓽ ꓪ) ꓟꓽ ꓖꓴ ꓠ, ꓟ ꓗꓳ ꓡ ꓟ 2017 ꓘꓳꓼ ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ_ꓡꓰ ꓮ ꓜꓴ ꓬ ꓔꓯ ꓕꓳ ꓶ ꓮ ꓟꓬ ꓐꓳ ꓢꓲ ꓔꓲ.. ꓗꓷ‐. ꓝꓮꓲ Peaceful Rally ꓮ ꓟꓬ ꓘꓴ ꓔꓴ ꓗꓷ_ꓟꓲ ꓮ ꓜꓴ ꓬ ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓮ ꓟꓶ ꓗꓪ ꓛꓲ DEꓽ ꓘꓶꓽ ꓔꓯ ꓟꓽ D ꓔꓳ ꓖꓶ ꓡ ꓠꓬꓲ‐.ꓟꓲ ꓟꓲ ꓠꓬ‐. ꓫꓲ‐DE‐ꓘ, ꓕꓲ Cꓳ ꓡꓳ ꓜꓲꓼ ꓢꓲ ꓠꓬꓲ ꓙꓱ‐ꓦꓲ‐ꓠ ꓔꓶ(Vijoynagar) ꓗꓪ ꓟ ꓮ ꓜꓴ ꓬ ꓬꓳ, ꓦꓲ.,(EAC, Extra Additional Commission Office) ꓔꓯ ꓮ ꓔꓳ ꓛꓴ ꓗꓷꓳ=ꓝꓮꓲ ꓕꓱ ꓟ ꓡꓰ ꓟꓽ ꓞꓲ ꓠꓱ ꓐꓯꓼ ꓬꓳ, ꓦꓲ., ꓮ ꓟꓬ ꓒꓬ ꓗꓷꓳ ꓐꓯ_ꓡꓳ=

ꓐꓬꓱꓽ ꓔꓯ ꓡꓳ. ꓠꓬꓲ‐.

News Link= https://youtu.be/B_z9EbYkCsU

Arunachal News:

Violence in Vijoyanagar, EAC and other offices burned down. EAC office, post office, SB office and ransacked Vijoyanagar PS, Civil helipad was also partially damaged. ITANAGAR NEWS: Yobin/Lisu Students, youth and public led by Yobin students union burned down EAC Office(Extra Additional Commission office) Post Office, SB office and ransacked Vijoyanagar PS, informed PRO, HQ of Arunachal Pradesh Police.They were around 400 in numbers and came from Gandhigram/Shidikha with dao, lathi, bow and arrow and demanded “We want Justice”.Civil helipad was also partially damaged by them.

After burning down buildings they left from Vijoynagar to Gandhigram. There is no report of lost of human lives. Protestors were demanding Cancelation of panchayati right extended to Ex settlers of Assam Refles personnel.They also demanded to take out these settlers from Vijoynagar within a short period of time , said the press release. Additional force is being rushed to Vijaynagar for maintaining law and order. Kime kaming, DIGP TCL rushed to Vijoyanagar by chopper. Chukhu Apa ,IGP LO, John Pada SP SB, Mihin Gambo SP Clg are on the way to Vijoynagar. Situation is tense, but under control. said the press release. Around 30 police personnel, under SP Changlang Mihin Gambo and Dy SP concerned are present Senior officers will camp there for the next few days, till situation becomes normal.

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