ꓟꓶ-ꓡꓯ-ꓫ ꓗꓪ ꓡꓲ-ꓢꓴ ꓕꓳ ꓶ ꓟ. ꓔꓬ

Lisu Refugee Committee (LRC) KW BE HO: ꓣꓱ : ꓢꓲ. ꓟꓶ-ꓡꓯ -ꓫ ꓗꓪ ꓔꓬ ꓢꓴ ꓡI-ꓢꓴ ꓤ ꓠꓱ ꓾ ꓞꓳ ꓡꓱ꓾ ꓞꓳ ꓟꓳ ꓐꓴ ꓔꓯ ꓡꓲ-ꓢꓴ ꓕꓳ ꓶ ꓟ. ꓪꓴ. ꓔꓴ ꓔꓬ ꓡꓳ=

ꓡꓣꓚ ꓝꓮꓚꓰꓐꓳꓳꓗ ꓑꓮꓖꓰ ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓢꓷ. ꓙ ꓟꓴ ꓙ ꓔ ꓡꓳ=

ꓡꓲ-ꓢꓴ ꓕꓲ ꓣꓳ ꓐꓯ ꓠꓬ ꓡꓲ-ꓢꓴ ꓥꓳ: ꓡꓲ-ꓢꓴ ꓕꓳ ꓶ ꓢꓷ ꓠ ꓗ ꓡꓳ= ꓠꓲ ꓠꓵꓹ ꓟ ꓮ -ꓐ ꓮ-ꓟ ꓐꓴ ꓕꓳ ꓶ ꓢꓳ ꓙꓵꓻ ꓕꓲ ꓑ ꓤ ꓠ: ꓦ ꓟ ꓝꓲ ꓗꓪ꓾ ꓣꓳ ꓤ ꓠꓱ ꓐꓴ ꓔꓯ ꓝꓲ ꓩꓴ ꓓꓴ ꓬꓰ ꓡꓯ=

Hi ,every Lisu boy and girl !It’s best time to learn Lisu literature during the school holidays and there will be test and rewards at the end of the course for those who achieve in first,second and third places ,Let’s enroll now!

Contact : 0189180813

Time:12-2:00 Pm
Location: LRC office

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