ꓟꓬ-ꓟ ꓗꓴꓷꓼ ꓜꓴ ꓗꓪ ꓠꓴ-ꓗ-ꓡꓲ-ꓬ (Nuclear)ꓐꓳꓽ ꓒꓬꓹ ꓩꓴ ꓠꓹ ꓟ ꓐꓯ ꓧꓳꓽ ꓘꓶꓽ ꓧꓪꓸ ꓡꓰꓳ

1995 ꓘꓳꓼ ꓕ ꓑꓳꓸ ꓟꓬ-ꓟ ꓡꓰ ꓗꓴꓷꓼ ꓜꓴ ꓜꓲꓼ ꓓꓴ ꓗꓪ ꓠꓴ-ꓗ-ꓡꓲ-ꓬ ꓟꓯꓼ ꓢꓰꓼ ꓶ ꓤ ꓶ ꓟꓲ ꓒꓬꓹ ꓩꓴ ꓠꓹ ꓟ (Nuclear Disarmament) ꓔꓯ ꓟꓳꓸ ꓐꓯ ꓧꓳꓽ ꓘꓶꓽ ꓔꓯ 2022 ꓘꓳꓼ 10 ꓦ 28 ꓠꓬꓲ ꓕꓯꓽ ꓬꓰˍ ꓟ 77 ꓧꓪꓸ ꓟ ꓟꓲ ꓠꓯ ꓗꓴꓷꓼ ꓜꓴ ꓜꓲꓼ ꓓꓴ ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓘꓳ ꓣꓴ ꓡ ꓠꓬꓲ꓾ ꓐꓯ ꓧꓳꓽ ꓘꓶꓽ ꓧꓪꓸ ꓡꓰꓳ꓿

ꓐꓯ ꓧꓳꓽ ꓘꓶꓽ ꓔꓯ ꓟꓬ-ꓟ ꓗꓴꓷꓼ ꓝꓲ ꓓꓴ ꓚꓳ-ꓟꓳꓹ-ꓕꓴꓸ ꓡꓰ ꓐꓯ ꓧꓳꓽ ꓗꓷ ꓢꓲ꓾ ꓬꓲꓸ ꓡꓲꓽ ꓬꓲꓸ ꓒꓰꓼ (ꓮ/ꓚ. 1/77ꓡꓡ/ꓡ.42) ꓡꓳ ꓚꓺ ꓠꓲꓹ ꓡꓶꓽ ꓟꓳꓸ ꓖꓶꓽ ꓡꓯ ꓘꓳ ꓠꓬ꓾ ꓔꓳꓹ ꓙ 118꓾ ꓒꓳꓹ ꓔꓳꓹ 42꓾ ꓔꓱꓹ ꓫꓵ 20 ꓗꓴꓷꓼ ꓙꓳ ꓡꓳ꓿ ꓖꓳ ꓟ ꓑꓶꓸ ꓓꓴ ꓐꓯ ꓧꓳꓽ ꓘꓶꓽ ꓧꓪꓸ ꓡꓰ ꓟ ꓥ ꓡꓳ꓿

ꓐꓯ ꓧꓳꓽ ꓘꓶꓽ ꓜꓲ ꓜꓲ ꓟꓴ ꓟꓴ ꓔꓯ ꓠꓯꓸ ꓘꓪ ꓗꓪ English ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓐꓳ ꓖꓶꓽ ꓔꓸ ꓡꓳ꓿

Statement by H.E. Mr. Kyaw Moe Tun, Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the United Nations Introduction of draft resolution A/C.1/77/L.42 entitled “Nuclear Disarmament” at the First Committee of the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (New York, 28 October 2022)

Mr. Chairperson,

  • I wish to congratulate you and all members of the Bureau for your hard work and great efforts to bring successful outcome to the work of the First Committee.
  • I am honoured to formally introduce the draft resolution A/C.1/77/L.42 entitled “Nuclear Disarmament,” under of Agenda item 99 (b) of Cluster I “Nuclear Weapons”. Myanmar has tabled the resolution in the First Committee of the General Assembly consecutively since 1995. Every year, it has been adopted with the overwhelming majority support of the member states.
  • The draft resolution urges all nuclear-weapon States to take effective disarmament measures to eliminate all nuclear weapons at the earliest possible, and to take concrete, practical steps toward establishing a world free of nuclear weapons.
  • The draft resolution underlines the importance of convening, as a priority, a United Nations high-level international conference on nuclear disarmament to review the progress made.
  • We recognized the efforts of member states to achieve our goal of the world free of nuclear weapons.
  • However, it was regrettable that the Tenth Review Conference of the Parties to the NPT held last August did not reach agreement on the substantive final document.
  • The draft reiterates its call for an early enter into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty expressing deep concern about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons. We also welcome and express our sincere appreciation to the six ratified member States in 2022.
  • The draft urges the Conference on Disarmament to commence as early as possible its substantive work during its 2023 session that takes into consideration all existing priorities in the field of disarmament and arms control, including the immediate commencement of negotiations on a comprehensive nuclear weapons convention.
  • The draft resolution does not feature substantive amendments; it is only a revamped draft with technical updates to the last year one.

Mr. Chairperson,

  • Nuclear weapons are immensely threatening to international peace and security today. Nuclear threats are the most serious security challenge, risking the existence of humankind and staying ahead of or bringing all other threats including environmental disaster, humanitarian disaster, economic crisis, and health problems. We all agree that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.
  • Therefore the only way to safeguard us from the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is their total elimination.
  • Let’s work together to achieve our goal of the world free from nuclear weapons.
  • For this reason, we kindly request to all member states to support the draft resolution L.42 by cosponsoring and voting in favour of the draft resolution. Please vote YES.
  • Taking this opportunity, we wish to extend our sincere thanks to you all for your continued unwavering support on this resolution during the past sessions as well as this session.
  • I thank you.

ꓢꓳꓴꓣꓚꓰ: https://www.myanmarmissionnewyork.org/post/statement-by-ambassador-kyaw-moe-tun-on-introduction-of-draft-resolution-a-c-1-77-l-42-1c-77thunga

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