ꓟꓽ ꓜꓳ ꓟꓽ ꓔꓱꓹ ꓟ ꓙꓵꓽ ꓗ ꓚꓰꓼ ꓡꓶꓸ ꓔꓬ ꓟ ꓠꓽ ꓩꓴ ꓗꓷ ꓐꓰ ꓢ-ꓗꓼ-ꓢ ꓔꓯ ꓮ-ꓟꓯ-ꓣꓲ-ꓗ ꓐꓯ ꓟꓴ ꓜꓲꓽ ꓟꓴꓽ ꓒꓽ ꓜꓴ (ꓮꓐꓮ) ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓐꓯ ꓩꓴ ꓡꓻ ꓳ=

ꓟꓽ ꓜꓳꓽ ꓟꓽ ꓔꓱꓹ ꓟ ꓙꓵꓽ ꓗ ꓚꓰꓼ ꓡꓶꓸ ꓔꓬ ꓟ ꓠꓽ ꓩꓴ ꓗꓷ꓾ ꓢ-ꓗꓼ-ꓢ ꓔꓯ ꓮ-ꓟꓯ-ꓣꓲ-ꓗ ꓜꓲꓽ ꓟꓴꓽ ꓒꓽ ꓜꓴ (ꓮꓐꓮ) ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓐꓯ ꓩꓴ ꓡꓻ ꓳ=

ꓮ-ꓟꓯ-ꓣꓲ-ꓗ ꓜꓲꓽ ꓟꓴꓽ ꓒꓽ ꓜꓴ (The American Bar Association (ABA)) ꓡꓰ ꓟꓬ-ꓟ ꓗꓴꓷꓼ ꓐꓱ ꓶ ꓕꓵꓼ ꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓫꓵꓽ ꓘꓶꓽ ꓙ ꓖꓴ ꓕꓳ ꓶ ꓐꓳ ꓩꓴ ꓡ ꓟ ꓗꓪ꓾ 2 ꓦ 1 ꓠꓬꓲ ꓑ ꓫꓬ ꓙꓵꓽ ꓪ ꓦꓴ ꓗꓷ ꓟ ꓗꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓢ-ꓗ-ꓢꓼ ꓠꓬ ꓗꓴꓷꓼ ꓠꓯꓸꓼ ꓗꓪ ꓕꓵꓼ ꓪ ꓐꓰ ꓐꓯ ꓟꓴ ꓘꓶꓽ ꓟ ꓗꓪ ꓟꓽ ꓔꓱꓹ ꓟꓽ ꓜꓳꓽ ꓟ ꓮ ꓟꓬꓹ ꓬꓰ ꓓꓳ ꓡ ꓟ ꓡꓰꓽ ꓟꓽ ꓞꓲ꓾ ꓕꓵꓼ ꓪ ꓙꓵꓽ ꓪ ꓔꓯ ꓮ ꓡꓲ ꓜꓳ ꓮ ꓡꓲ ꓡꓶꓸ ꓑ ꓔꓬ ꓟ ꓠꓬ꓾ ꓟꓵꓽ ꓗꓳ ꓓꓵ ꓓꓵ ꓙꓵꓽ ꓚꓱꓹ ꓕꓵꓼ ꓪ ꓙ ꓖꓴ ꓔꓯ ꓟꓽ ꓧꓳꓹ ꓡꓰꓳ= ꓖꓳ ꓟ ꓑꓶꓸ ꓓꓴ ꓕꓱ ꓡꓱ ꓟꓽ ꓜꓳꓽ ꓟ ꓔꓱꓹ ꓡꓶꓸ ꓑ ꓔꓬ ꓟ ꓔꓯ ꓠꓽ ꓩꓴ ꓗꓷ ꓐꓰ꓾ ꓐꓯ ꓩꓴ ꓡ ꓡꓳ= ꓜꓴ ꓕꓱ ꓟ ꓡꓰ ꓐꓳ ꓔꓸ ꓟ ꓕꓳ ꓶ ꓔꓯ ꓜꓲ ꓜꓲ ꓟꓴ ꓟꓴ ꓵꓺ ꓠꓲꓹ ꓫꓵ ꓠꓬ꓾ https://bit.ly/3dPPeZZ ꓗꓪ ꓡꓳꓸ ꓠꓬꓲ ꓓꓴ ꓬꓰ=

The American Bar Association (ABA) released a Rule of Law Letter on Myanmar expressing their “condemnation of the Tatmadaw’s abrogation of the rule of law through its February 1st military coup d’etat.”The ABA calls on the military junta to “reinstate the rule of law and respect the independence of the judiciary, lawyers, and law officers.” They urge the military to “cease extrajudicial killings and arbitrary arrests and detentions, and release all arbitrarily detained persons.” Finally, they call on the regime to “reverse all amendments to Myanmar’s Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, and 2016 Legal Aid Law that violate international legal standards.”Read the ABA’s Rule of Law Letter on Myanmar here: https://bit.ly/3dPPeZZ

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